Elder Davis B Cox

Elder Davis B Cox

Monday, September 28, 2015

Monday September 28, 2015

Carthage Jail, located in Carthage, Illinois, was the location of the murder of Joseph Smith, the founder of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, and his brother Hyrum by a mob of approximately 150 men.

I am looking forward to conference so much it's like Christmas week! We are in charge of setting the broadcast up at the church and we will get to watch all 5 sessions there! We are definitely blessed to be able to partake of the words of the prophets and blessed with the technology that brings it to so many far away. 
Fall hasn't quit started here in Hannibal. There was one day that had a crisp morning, but it's still hot and muggy and everything is still very green. I haven't gotten the postcards from the cabin yet but I am excited to be able to remember that place. I sent a package home this morning with a few things for the kids in it and I included a postcard of the Nauvoo temple in there. We got to go that this last week and it was amazing. I'll include more details in my big email. 
Love you!
Elder Cox

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Monday September 21, 2015 - Our church needs a bus!

So best news ever came yesterday! We have a branch mission leader now!! We were so pumped when we found out, plus the fact that it's Brother Roisum who is already like our best friend in the branch made it so much better and he has so many ideas for uniting missionaries and members that is going to help the work so much.

We have been working with a big family this week that are awesome. There's Nikisha, Kaseana, Alia, Desean, Tatiana, Cameron, and Neila.
Awkward story about them so yesterday we were going over to pick them up for church with 2 members coming so that they could fit all of them in their cars. As we pulled up to their house, so did a United Pentacostal Church bus and all the kids got on that as we got out of the car. The bus driver hurried and got them on the bus and drove away. Knife in the heart. Again. But no worries we talked to them about it and their for sure all coming next week. They pinky promised us. Our church needs to start investing in a church bus.

Miracles of the week:
- I'm not sick anymore
- We didn't get eaten by this spider that came out of our shower drain
- watched a motorcycle t-bone a car about 2 feet outside my drivers side window. The guy flew off did a flip and skidded for a while, but popped right up and still had his cigar in his mouth. But I think that was just adrenaline because he fell right back down after a step. But he ended up being alright.
- We met a lady named Tasha who is amazing and SO sincere
- We also met Scott who is another extremely sincere and truth seeking person.

So many more miracles but I'll keep it at that since I had a real long one last week.

Love Elder Cox

Using my oils...every day!

our dinner last night. Que-so from home, corn from Missouri -comment from home...ADD s veggie, corn is not a veggie, it's a grain, and I love the hamburger helper, Doritos and sprite in the background.
Elder Baxter and I went for a jog this morning and there was a cool fog over the Mississippi!

"Davis was worried about the spider, I am more worried about the look of that drain!"

Monday, September 21, 2015

Monday September 14, 2015 -Nowhere else we'd rather be!

So this week has been interesting. I have been sick with the plague all week which somewhat hindered the work and slowed us down, but we have been blessed with so many miracles this week.

First miracle story came with a lady named Debra. So we trying to chase down this guy who we had a prompting to talk to so we were speed walking down the street when I looked up on the porch of the house we were passing and there was a sad looking woman sitting on the porch rolling a cigarette. I said hi how are you doing and as soon as she responded "alright" I got punched in the face with a spiritual wall and stopped in my tracks. I asked her if we could come up and talk to her. She told us about the terrible situation she was in: broke, being abused, struggling with addiction, having suicidal thoughts, and if she didn't pay off some fines/bills by tomorrow she was going to prison. We  shared my favorite scripture about the Atonement: Alma 7:11-13. Just as we finished her ride pulled up and she told us she had to go, but said thank you for the thought. 
I didn't think too much of it until that night at about 10 me and Elder Baxter were just in the kitchen eating when we get a call from an unknown number. It was Debra and she was calling to thank us for the light we brought into her life that day. She told us she was so grateful we stopped and that she KNEW that what we shared with her was pure truth from God and that we were the messengers he had sent her that day. It was the most rewarding feeling I've ever felt to have someone thank us so sincerely for bringing the power of Christ into their lives. You will be hearing more about Debra.

I also just want everyone to know how much I love my mom. When I had to go to the hospital on Friday the first thing the nurse said was "I talked to your mom earlier today she told us you'd be coming" It brought a huge smile to my face and for the next hour the nurse got to hear all about Momma Cox and how awesome she is and how me and my mom came to have such an amazing relationship. The legendary love of Momma Cox is being spread in Missouri

This week through all of the rejection I have felt like Alma:"O That I were an angel and could have the wish of my heart that I might go forth and speak with the trump of God, with a voice to shake the earth... Yea, I would declare unto every soul, as with the voice of thunder" 
I wish I could speak with the voice of thunder, but I am so grateful for the power which I am given to declare repentance.

 Last night after Elder Baxter and I came in for the night completely exhausted and lay on the couch and floor, we randomly started talking about how there is nowhere else we would rather be right now. Not at college, not on a beach, not back at home. Laying here on the floor of our apartment sweaty and tired was the happiest place on Earth. I love being on a mission, I love Missouri, and I love Jesus Christ.

And I love you all

Love Elder Cox

Monday Sept 8, 2015

Emmi Happy Birthday (Tomorrow)

I love you and I miss you so much! From the pictures I have seen you have already grown up so much since I left. You still have to run and jump hug me when I get home though no matter how big you grow. You are a super talented little sister and I'm jealous of how musically talented you are especially. I wish that I could sing and play music so naturally like you do. That is going to be a big blessing later in your life especially if you decide to serve a mission. I hope you have a super fun birthday and my birthday present is going to be coming a little late, but be looking in the mail next week.
Love you Emmi

Love Elder Cox