Elder Davis B Cox

Elder Davis B Cox

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Monday September 21, 2015 - Our church needs a bus!

So best news ever came yesterday! We have a branch mission leader now!! We were so pumped when we found out, plus the fact that it's Brother Roisum who is already like our best friend in the branch made it so much better and he has so many ideas for uniting missionaries and members that is going to help the work so much.

We have been working with a big family this week that are awesome. There's Nikisha, Kaseana, Alia, Desean, Tatiana, Cameron, and Neila.
Awkward story about them so yesterday we were going over to pick them up for church with 2 members coming so that they could fit all of them in their cars. As we pulled up to their house, so did a United Pentacostal Church bus and all the kids got on that as we got out of the car. The bus driver hurried and got them on the bus and drove away. Knife in the heart. Again. But no worries we talked to them about it and their for sure all coming next week. They pinky promised us. Our church needs to start investing in a church bus.

Miracles of the week:
- I'm not sick anymore
- We didn't get eaten by this spider that came out of our shower drain
- watched a motorcycle t-bone a car about 2 feet outside my drivers side window. The guy flew off did a flip and skidded for a while, but popped right up and still had his cigar in his mouth. But I think that was just adrenaline because he fell right back down after a step. But he ended up being alright.
- We met a lady named Tasha who is amazing and SO sincere
- We also met Scott who is another extremely sincere and truth seeking person.

So many more miracles but I'll keep it at that since I had a real long one last week.

Love Elder Cox

Using my oils...every day!

our dinner last night. Que-so from home, corn from Missouri -comment from home...ADD s veggie, corn is not a veggie, it's a grain, and I love the hamburger helper, Doritos and sprite in the background.
Elder Baxter and I went for a jog this morning and there was a cool fog over the Mississippi!

"Davis was worried about the spider, I am more worried about the look of that drain!"

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