Elder Davis B Cox

Elder Davis B Cox

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Monday January 25, 2016 - Pacifique

So the first update is on the Kimararungu family I talked about last week. We taught them again this week along with their son (Pacifique) and daughter in law and their 7 kids. Then 10 of them came to church this week! It was a super stressful Sunday trying to arrange rides for 10 people who don't speak English, setting up the translators, helping them get to class. But it was probably the best Sunday of my mission!

2 great quotes from Pacifique this week:

1st Lesson
Pacifique: "How many members of the church are there"
Us: "Worldwide there's about 15 million."
Pacifique: "Make that 15 million and 9 because me, my wife and our 7 kids are joining"

Beginning of 2nd lesson
Us: "Do you guys have any questions from last time?"
Pacifique with concerned look on his face: "Yes one important question.."
Us: "What is it?"
Pacifique: "Me and my family need to know what day we can be baptize and join true Church."

They're an amazing family I love teaching them! We also ran into a lady named Shaelita this week who had been taught by missionaries in the past but she moved away and lost contact. But now, 10 years later, we knocked on her door the same week she was having the same trial she was having 10 years ago when the missionaries knocked on her door. It was a great testimony to me that no lesson we teach, no person we talk to on the street is ever a waste. Heavenly Father places us in some peoples paths to plant seeds for the future, and others to harvest the seed that has been planted and has been being prepared. 

This Wednesday we got to have the worldwide Training for Missionaries broadcast which was sweet! Elder Oaks, Anderson, and Bednar were all there and gave trainings as well as a few others. This was the first time they've done a worldwide broadcast to all the missionaries like this in like 10 years so it was cool. The main theme was about teaching repentance and baptizing. They taught a lot about how teaching repentance is a very important part of the gospel that we as missionaries sometimes skip over because we are very focused on baptism. And also how to teach people to learn and grow and have spiritual experiences on their own that lead to lasting conversion. My hand hurt from taking lots of pages worth of notes it was great.

This week is transfers. Me and Elder Sessions are both staying but we found out Elder Otteson is leaving the house and we're super sad. But I'm here for at least 6 more weeks hopefully more!

Love you all!

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