Elder Davis B Cox

Elder Davis B Cox

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Monday February 8, 2016 - Go and Do!

This week was super crazy busy. Monday we had P-day then had to do some last minute paperwork. Tuesday we were supposed to have MLC but it got moved because of this "Storm of the decade" blizzard that we were supposed to get. People were hyping us up that we were supposed to get 14+ inches with blizzard conditions. So everyone we had appointments with cancelled that day because they said the storm was going to be too crazy. Which doesn't even make sense because all they have to do is stay in their house and we come to them, so we were pretty frustrated about that. Then the storm ended up only being like 2 inches of snow and some slush. It was pretty lame.

Wednesday we had interviews with Pres. and Sister Jensen which was sweet! I love having interviews with them because I love talking to them then they took me and Elder Sessions out to lunch afterwards and President Jensen is probably the smartest and funniest man I've ever met. Then we drove out to the Mt. Vernon branch, then 30 minutes past that to interview Dameon for baptism. Then Thursday we had MLC most the day then moved the sisters into a new apartment that night. So basically we didn't get to be in our area until Friday. 

On the bright side we had everyone at church again this week! Except their dad wasn't there so we had 9 African kids who we were basically in charge of. I can't wait to have kids and bring them to sacrament meeting... But it was great and they are all doing great. And we set a new date with Jonathan and Jaheim so they are going to be baptized on February 27th and we're super excited for them. We taught them the Word of Wisdom this week and they were pretty shocked that Tea and Coffee were bad. But as soon as they found out it was against God's commandments they said they would definitely not drink it anymore. They're the biggest 13 year old studs.

"Spiritual light rarely comes to those who sit in darkness waiting for someone to flip a switch"
We have to go and act on the faith that we have to receive greater spiritual light. It doesn't just come from sitting there. Similar to my quote last week Go and Do!

Love you all have a great week
I won't be emailing next week until Tuesday because of the Holiday.

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