Elder Davis B Cox

Elder Davis B Cox

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

August 14, 2016 - The Roller coaster

So as missionaries we teach people everyday that the Old Testament is like a roller coaster. There's a high point when people are following the prophet, prospering, etc. Then they get prideful, reject the prophet, stone them, drop down to apostasy. Over and over and over. 

Missions are a lot like a roller coaster too. Last week was definitely one of the higher points of my mission. We were teaching tons everyday, Michaela came to church, new awesome missionary minded medical students were moving into the ward and being bomb fellow shippers already. Then this week was kinda not so much. Had probably 9/10 appointments fall through everyday this week. But still tons of miracles!

This week I was on exchanges with Elder Mattice on Thursday (my 18 month mark, finished my sister mission as I got reminded several times) and we taught a guy named Dewitt. He knew the bible super well, prayed a ton (even had a extra bedroom that he kept zero furniture in that he called his prayer room) but had never found a church that taught all the things he believed in. Come to find out several of his "can't fit into a church" beliefs are common LDS beliefs (Heavenly Father and Christ are separate, there is more than just Heaven and Hell, Christs church should have apostles, etc.) It was amazing to see how even though he had not believed in organized religion for quite a while, the Lord had been preparing him through his spiritual experiences of reading and praying to give him even more truth!

Also got back in contact with Chris and Tarah. Taught them the Word of Wisdom which they accepted amazingly and we are teaching them the Stop smoking workshop tonight with a sweet member their friends with. They're getting married Sept 18th by bishop and baptized the next Saturday! They're going ring shopping this week so Elder Devenport and I had a super fun time with them getting pumped about that. 

Vocal Point is in Des Moines right now. They have a concert tomorrow but they're doing a fireside tonight at the Stake Center so that will be sweet! We're also going to the Iowa State Fair tomorrow with some of the other missionaries. It's been talked up quite a bit by the Iowans and apparently is ranked like 2nd best State Fair in the country? So that will be sweet and hopefully I'll take enough pictures there to make up for me this being the only picture I've taken all week... :)

Love you all,
Love Elder Cox

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