Elder Davis B Cox

Elder Davis B Cox

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

August 21, 2016 - Sabbath Day Miracles

Well I am getting to email a little late today because this day has been so full of the most amazing miracles. Here we go!

1. We were sitting in sacrament meeting with Chris and Tarah, and Bro. Henderson peaked his head in and said there was a man in the hall who just showed up and wanted to take the discussions. So we stepped out and there was a few Chinese young adults in the foyer. One of them (Ming) had just barely come from China and didn't speak English but had been going to church over in China with one of his friends. We set up a lesson to teach them after church @ 2:00. 

2. Same story with Ming & Crew, but another miracle. So once we got back to Sunday School we texted all the missionaries in the Des Moines area to find someone who spoke Mandarin so we could teach Ming. Turns out Brother Liu, in the bishopric in one of the other wards, is from China. So we stepped out and called him and he was able to come to the lesson. Ran to the mission office really quick and picked up Mandarin supplies Resto pamphlets and BoM's. Had an AMAZING lesson with them in the chapel overflow at 2 and they want to be baptized and are going to come to church next week!

3. Chris and Tarah came to church this morning! Chris said he woke up this morning and just felt really good that he was going to be coming to church and "felt Jesus' love very strong". 

4. After sacrament they talked with Bishop about him marrying them so they're getting married Sep 18th! Then baptized the next Saturday!

5. After Sacrament they also met Bro. Stieler, who has a son with a similar mental disability and was able to give them a lot of peace about bringing their son to church. 

6. While they were talking the Primary President walked up and introduced herself and also reassured them of bringing their kids that they would be taken care of. Chris and Tarah said it was an answer to their prayers and are bringing the whole family next week!

7. A man from Nigeria named Bronson showed up to church today. His family joined the church about 10 years ago in Africa and his dad is a bishop over there and he's super solid. He brought his Fiancee Laura with him and she wants to be taught and baptized!

8. Bronson also brought another close friend, Gloria, who also loved church and wants to be taught and have her and her kids be baptized!

9. This one happened yesterday but still a miracle. So if you remember a few months ago in Cedar Rapids Elder Sessions and I were teaching a lady named Christy. She quit smoking right before I left and was on date to be baptized a few weeks later. But she fell off and got lost and moved to Iowa City. A few weeks ago Elder Sessions gets transferred to Iowa City, runs into her, starts teaching her again, and yesterday she was baptized!!

 Elder Devenport and I were able to drive out and go to her baptism as well as a family that got baptized yesterday that Elder Devenport taught. God's hand was so visible this week I'm just filled, overflowing with gratitude right now. I love being a missionary!!

Love you all have a great week!
Love Elder Cox

I should just end it right there on that spiritual high, but I also have tons of pictures from this week! We went to the State Fair on Monday, so you know the first picture I'm going to send from that is going to have some DEEP FRIED BUTTER!!

1500 pound pumpkin

 3000 pound bull

Tiny little pony

Deep Fried Oreos (Heaven!)

The last Quincy Squad pictures that will ever be taken.
Tambasco and Grow are goin home :(
Went out to Lunch with Travis & his parents after Rosario's baptism.
Best lookout over a city I've ever found in Iowa, out over Iowa City.

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