Elder Davis B Cox

Elder Davis B Cox

Sunday, October 9, 2016

October 2, 2016 - Not much time!

Hey don't have very much time tonight, since it was conference today and we had a couple other appointments so email time just kept getting pushed back more and more! Then Elder Devenport and I went knocking to reach our weekly goal of talking to people. Now it's 8:30 :)

But it's ok because I have pictures.

I'll save most my thoughts about conference for next week because it was so good but I loved the focuses of MISSIONARY WORK, Joy, The Book of Mormon, Repentance. There was tons of great focuses but those were the biggest ones I got out of it. I especially loved the focus on always being amazed by the awesomeness of the gospel. President Uchtdorf's first talk Saturday morning was probably my favorite of the whole conference.

I got the BYU basketball player in our mission, Zach Seljaas, to eat a ghost pepper this week at a meeting that was pretty great.

Elmo is getting baptized this Saturday!! He is hands down the most prepared/enthusiastic person I have taught my entire mission. He's pumped to get the priesthood and help us pass the sacrament!

Since Elder Devenport is going home next week I found out who my new companion will be! It's Elder Jakubczak! I served around him in Quincy for 3 transfers and I'm super pumped to have him probably be my very last companion for my last 3 transfers. We'll pick him up tomorrow and be in a trio til next Friday.

Love you all here's some pictures. Enjoy.
Elder Cox

-Pizza with Elmo in a sick conference room on the 5th floor of Wells Fargo

Set up the projector in President Badger's basement to watch a session of conference. This picture somehow contorted everyone's faces?

-Exchanges with Elder Madsen and Jackson

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