Elder Davis B Cox

Elder Davis B Cox

Sunday, October 30, 2016

October 9 2016 - ELMO is Baptized!

I hope everybody can just FEEL the energy that is going into this email right now because I am just excited and happy out of my mind!

Elmo was baptized yesterday and confirmed today and it has just been a raining down of enthusiasm from Heaven. You kind of have to meet Elmo to understand but this guy is just ON FIRE for the gospel. So of course today I'm going to share his story. 

4 weeks and couple days ago our Ward Mission Leader who works with Elmo at felt prompted to give him a Book of Mormon. Elmo loved it. A few days later he invited him to Kay's baptism where we met him for the first time. He came and loved it and felt the Spirit, then after came to lunch at the Katzenbach's with us where he essentially was taught the basics of all 5 of the missionary lessons over an hour period including the Word of Wisdom, Articles of Faith, and at the end Bro. Katzenbach gave him a priesthood blessing. He had lots of awesome questions. He is hands down the most intelligent person I've ever taught and seen be baptized on my mission this guy remembers everything!

Over the next couple weeks as Elmo learned about the gospel Satan tried to do everything he could to stop him. Didn't work. Elmo's a stud. He knows the stories of Alma the younger, King Benjamin, Alma talking to his sons, Ether 12, and the tree of life like the back of his hand. He even ordered his own quad from Deseret industries last week but wouldn't open it until he got baptized. I'm telling you. On fire.

After he was baptized he bore his testimony at his baptism service and just talked about how awesome the gospel is. About how ever since he's had the fullness of the gospel in his life he hasn't been able to stop smiling. Even through all the crazy hard things he's gone through the past week he says he's been the happiest he's ever been his whole life.

AND going back to Elder Oaks talk about using technology to spread the gospel. Elmo's super big into snap chat and he's been sharing the gospel/Book of Mormon with all of his friends. He took snap chat videos before and after his baptism and put them on his story. He said by the end of the day he had 3 friends who want to be baptized! Watch out missionaries in Texas here we come with them referrals!

We also got to go to the Nauvoo temple and Carthage Jail this week. Carthage was super cool to go through the visitor's center and take a tour of the jail. You feel the spirit testifying of individual things so strongly it's hard to explain. I walked out of that jail with a renewed unwavering testimony that the Book of Mormon is true beyond a shadow of a doubt!

Love you all hope you have a great week. Thanks for all you do for me, especially the things you do that I can't see. :) 
-Elder Cox

Brother Katzenbach and Elmo

And this here is a new dance move Elder Devenport and I created on a
long and lonesome road trip. It's called the BAP! (Similar to the dab but cooler for baptism day)

Sister Katzenbach, me, Elmo, Elder Devenport, Brother Katzenbach

Back row, Elder Devenport, ELMO, Elder Cox, Elder Jakubczak, Elder Merrell
Front row; Elder Rocha, and Elder Gunderson

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