Elder Davis B Cox

Elder Davis B Cox

Monday, November 28, 2016

November 27, 2016 - Thanksgiving

Man this week has been awesome! I'm going to start off with the confession that I forgot my camera at home today so don't have any pictures from thanksgiving to send but I think Sister Katzenbach already sent most of them home to mom :)

This week was crazy busy in a really good way. We had transfers on Monday, departing missionaries fly out Tuesday, and incoming missionaries come in on Wednesday. Then on Thursday for Thanksgiving we went to the Katzenbach's for lunch which was amazing. They invited 3 African Recent converts (Hannah, Fred, and Marshall) over and a solid African family (the Bundu's) from the ward so it was a party. Some of my favorite people in the whole world. 

Then we had dinner at the McPherson's, a Jamaican family in the ward, with a family from another ward and a couple other recent converts Alex and Phillip. Now that I've been in this ward for over half my mission these people are like family! After we finished eating there we went downstairs and as Elder Jakubczak and I lay on the floor unable to move. Literally if I would've tried to move bad things would've happened. Brother Pymm shredded some hymns on the electric guitar as we all sang along then went around in a circle and said what we were grateful for.

When we got around to Brother Pymm (who is a doctor) he said that he was grateful for Tracheal cilia. The things in our throats that protect us from getting things lodged in our throats apparently. He was grateful for that at the moment because his 1 year old had a cold and his tracheal cilia were getting the mucus out of his throat. I thought it was pretty funny and we all laughed about it but it's so true. There are so many things to be grateful for and every single thing is a gift from God. From how our amazing bodies are made to the gospel to a warm car to drive around to Jesus Christ. All given to us by a loving Heavenly Father.

Then to finish off the week Wes came to church again and is a STUD. He texts us to set up our next appointments if we forget to. Allieu came to church, sweet 9 year old kid who's mom was baptized 2 years ago but he was never baptized. And we had a random part member family show up who we will hopefully be teaching! Church was full of miracles! Plus Elder Jakubczak and I taught Sunday School on Eternal Marriage so that was a miracle itself.

Then right before we came here we knocked into an awesome Sudanese family of 6 who let us in to teach them and live right down the street from the church! So next week I'll tell you about how Mousa, Akir, Adout, Majok, Adaw, and Athiehg came to church!

Love you all have a great week!
And thank you family so much for the card this week love you and miss you all!
Love Elder Cox

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