Elder Davis B Cox

Elder Davis B Cox

Sunday, December 4, 2016

December 4, 2016 - This Week!

Alright this week is going to be short but I'm about to overload y'all with pictures so it'll make up for it.

This week:
Monday: P-day. My companion and I convinced the zone to go out in a random field and play EGG DODGE BALL. Many pictures attached. One of the funnest P-days of my mission.

Tuesday: Went on exchanges with Elder Robley he's a stud and we found some amazing people and taught Wes, Connie, Kay, and an awesome part member family Tammi and Dan. Dan is super cool and knows that it's all true so we're going to help him be baptized! After this exchange I felt an even greater flame inside me that I just want to share this message with everybody I see!

Wednesday: Helped the Sisters move because they had a creeper stalker. Des Moines always keeps ya on your toes. Then knocked doors.

Thursday: Went on exchanges with Elder Leavy, from Fairfield so got to hear some stories about how they're converting meditators down there. Once again met some amazing people and had a blast. Missionary work is a blast.

Friday-Saturday-Today: Missionary work. Big news though: Elmo is back in town from Texas for a week and he bore his testimony today and it was like seeing a lost brother I love that guy so much! 

And of course with this Christmas initiative it's been amazing to talk to everybody about giving service and trying to be like Christ. I have yet to introduce it to one person who didn't think it was absolutely amazing that the Church was putting that much of an effort into helping people remember the true meaning of Christmas. Awesome missionary opportunity if anyone is looking for a way to spread the gospel light! #LightTheWorld

Love you 

Here we go

Egg dodge ball (any difference between 3 and 4?) :)

                                          Departing missionaries facial night

Elder Leavy

Elder Robley

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