Elder Davis B Cox

Elder Davis B Cox

Monday, January 16, 2017

Birthday celebration at the Katzenbachs - Dec 9, 2016

Hey Family sorry I was so busy responding that I forgot I have to send off a big email. And now I have 4 minutes. Good thing my family has already seen dozens of pictures of me this week from Sister Katzenbach. And thank you all for the Happy Birthday's! My birthday was awesome and I'm super old now. (PS probably not a good idea to go to Buffalo Wild Wings on your 21st birthday, they try to give you too much free stuff)

Wes is getting baptized this week that's all that matters. He's awesome I'll send pics next week.

Love Elder Cox

The birthday Crew - President Badger(dad)Sister Badger(mom), Heidi(Ben and Ryan), The Elders(Emmi, Courtney and Mckay)

Isn't this amazing.  The table is set complete with "You are Special Plate"
and a beautiful military tribute tree in the background.

Family tradition of the "red Plate" was complete,
thanks to Heidi making it all happen!

Sister Badger

Sister Katzenbach(Party Planner extraordinar)

Ray(awesome party accomplice)
President Badger
Elders Baxter and Merrell

Elder Cox and Elder J
It's like the Fam was here!

Happy 21 Elder Cox -
Heidi got the recipe and made one of his favorite cakes-
Double chocolate Bundt with raspberries and whipped cream!

Happy Birthday week sweet boy!
What are your plans for your last week as a 20 year old?  I love you dearly and I am so grateful for you in our family.. Thank you for your 21 years of life and the example that you are ever continuing to grow and be for all of those around you.  You are incredible.   I am so excited that December also brings a Christmas skype day!  

I love that this is also the month that we celebrate the Savior.  I have just fallen in love with the new church campaign to 'Light the World!" I can imagine that as a missionary you have been introduced to it.  IF not then let me know and I will send you the list.  As a family we are challenging one another to take on the new day theme: service, worship, feed, honor parents etc. and not only DO something, but write or journal about it and we will exchange experiences for the month on Christmas!  How does that sound.. are you in? For example today's theme: Christ Worshiped His Father...so can you.   I challenged the kids to expand to how they already worship like going to church but add to it today..think deeper, look around differently etc.  I love any opportunity to become more Christlike and see individuals as Christ sees them.   
    Love, mom

For my birthday I am going out and knocking doors and finding people to baptize :) The Light the World campaign is awesome. Everybody we talk to loves it. We have hundreds of handout cards to give to people and little missionary planners with all 25 days service suggestions on them and it's awesome! I will definitely take on the challenge to journal about experiences!

Thank you so much the birthday night was awesome! I keep telling Katzenbach's I can't thank her enough and you as well thanks for loving me so much to put that together!

 The cake was awesome I'm literally eating the leftovers as I sit here emailing :)

So funny story. I didn't open your package until my birthday, So I didn't know there was breakfast in there. I opened it that morning right after some of the missionaries we were staying with made me french toast. Haha so I didn't eat them yet but they look really good!

It's been going awesome, one experience this week we had, doesn't necessarily line up with a day, but we noticed a lady with a cane that we had talked to several times in that apartment complex carrying some groceries and she was about to get to some stairs. So we hopped out of the car and rushed over and helped her in with her groceries. When we walked in there was another lady there as well as their caretaker and they were all so touched by us being willing to help unlike the other "punk teenagers around here" that even though she had rejected our offer 5 times before she finally accepted an invitation to sit down and hear the Restoration. 

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