Elder Davis B Cox

Elder Davis B Cox

Monday, February 6, 2017

February 5, 2017 - A Marvelous Work

I'm just in awe again this week at how great missionary work is. We have a song called "A Marvelous Work" that we sing here in the IDMM at every zone conference and transfers and it's just running through my head. This week was zone conference week and so we were out on the road a lot and around lots of missionaries which is the best! It's humbling to be around so many called, set apart servants of the Lord. The Spirit is always just so strong as soon as you walk in the room. Our training that we gave was on sanctification and being clean and worthy vessels. As we have studied for this training the past few weeks I've been amazed at the blessings that are promised will come into our lives if we just strive to live worthily and obedient to the commandments.

This week we taught Joseph again and once again were humbled by his spirit and desire to follow Christ. In his prayer I counted 4 times when he asked Heavenly Father to align his (Joseph's) will with God's. He said, as he held the Book of Mormon, "If this Book is true Father, help me to know. And if it is give me the strength to keep meeting with these brothers. I pray and give you my will and my heart. Teach me truth." Wow. I will never cease to be amazed at the humility of Liberian people.

We also taught Jeremiah, a member's boyfriend, with brother Collinwood, a stud med student. Had a bomb BoM lesson and his 3 year old son was flying around everywhere in his batman costume but it was a great lesson. Jeremiah has come to church 3 times already and is noticing the difference and peace that's come into their home since they started reading the Book of Mormon together. Just gotta help them get married so he can get baptized!

We also found out this week who my replacement will be. My favorite, formerly Spanish speaking, Elder Orgill! He's a stud I'm super excited. We'll pick him up on Tuesday at the departing temple trip then he'll be in a trio with us until next week then him and Elder Jakubczak will take over.

Well got lots of pictures from this week and last week so get ready to get blown up!
Love you all hope you're all having a great time watching the Super Bowl! Go Broncos!

Love Elder Cox

After serving in Des Moines for 15 months I finally went to sculpture park

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