Elder Davis B Cox

Elder Davis B Cox

Monday, April 13, 2015

April 13, 2015 - Transfer Week

I am officially in my 2nd transfer. Which is super weird, because I feel like I have been out here for so much longer than 6 weeks, but at the same time looking back those 6 weeks have flown by! Anyway me and Elder Lords both stayed in our area obviously, but we got 2 new elders in our ward: Elders Walker and Burtenshaw.
My brain is so scattered right now this might be a short one. But this has been an awesome week with a lot of spiritually packed moments. Something that happened a lot this week was we gave a ton of blessings (Which is awesome because giving blessings has become probably my favorite thing of all time to do)
On Friday we went and gave Doug a blessing. Doug is super into natural medicine I guess you could say. He believes that doctors and healthcare are trying to poison us so that we have to pay more money to the government for healthcare. For example he told us he was diagnosed with Diabetes a few years ago, but he refused to take insulin and cured himself by drinking distilled water and doing some other things to make his pancreas work. Something like that.
Anyway so Doug broke one of his wisdom teeth in half so all the nerves were exposed and had a super bad toothache and in Vania's words was "crying like a little girl". So I gave him a blessing and afterwards this is what he said.
"When you laid your hands on my head I could feel my crown shakra light up like a light bulb. Then when you said that I would be healed and be relieved of the pain according to my faith, I could feel my pineal gland open up, which I've been praying for for months now, and I feel great."

.... Never heard anyone describe feeling the spirit like that.. but hey. It worked. We explained to him that those things he felt was the spirit. He then told us he wants to quit smoking, which was another miracle because he usually smokes a pack in an hour when we meet with him.

Also Coreana finally got confirmed today!! She's the one that got baptized 6 weeks ago but then got super sick the next day, went to Texas for 4 weeks, then it was general conference. But she is now confirmed and has the gift of the Holy Ghost!

Love you all
Elder Cox
Mosiah 4:9

Only car in Iowa without rust all over it.

Went to Zombie Burger again. This is the Undead Elvis Burger. 2 patties, bacon, a fried egg, peanut butter, and fried bananas. Sounds disgusting but best hamburger I've ever had in my life and I could feel my arteries clogging as I walked out.

Last district meeting with Sister Matley. (Elder Lords, Whiting, Ogden, Deeds, Sister Matley, Froer, Elder Hoskins and me)
Thanks Dad I loved that story in conference as well. I have definitely seen missionaries like those in the story that are more interested in having fun, and I also serve around a lot of awesome missionaries. The AP's are in our zone and spend P-day with us so I get to interact with them a lot and they are both awesome. And we are also really close with and talk with our zone leaders a lot and they are both great missionaries and very dedicated.
I have definitely decided that I want to be a very consecrated missionary. To consecrate ALL my time, thoughts, and actions towards the work of bringing others to Christ.
I love you and thank you for the post cards! I have the one with the Southern Utah mountains hanging up above my desk. I'll have to send you one from Iowa sometime with a picture of a cornfield and fried chicken on it or something.

Elder Cox

Hi there, So we didn't get to coordinate on labs last week.  I am hoping that you have now taken them for it has been long enough from day of tapering.  
1. have you taken labs. 1. oops
2. If not then when THIS week are you taking labs? Don't go any longer on the taper please without taking labs! 2. I will take them on Wednesday probably
3. are you still feeling like hypoglycemic? 3. I don't really know what hypoglycemic feels like. I am basing all of my knowledge off Paul Blart: Mall Cop.
4. What symptoms are you having? details please.  Do you think there is any relation between tapering and your symptoms? 4. Just tired if I'm not eating like constantly :) no I don't think there's any relation. I've been thinking that even before I came out here on my mission actually
5. Are you eating well? 5. Very well! If you consider everything anyone feeds us here as being deep fried as eating well :) 
6. How is your gut? 6. Bigger than when I left
7. hows your head? 7. Going a billion miles an hour during email time. But I'm guessing you're talking about the dry and flaking. It's doing super good after about 2-3 weeks here I haven't had any dryness or itchy red patches or anything on my head. Combination of the humidity here and blessings from heaven!

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