Elder Davis B Cox

Elder Davis B Cox

Monday, April 6, 2015

Monday April 6, 2015 - Mormon Super Bowl Sunday

Conference was AWESOME!!
It was so much different watching it out here than back home. It went by so much faster. All the sudden a session would be over and I'd be like wait.. There's more right?
Quick little funny thing about the tabernacle choir. So their conductor's name is like Mack Wilberg? And there is a guy in our ward who is convinced that it's Mark Wahlberg. Me and my comp just went with it when he said it and messed with him so he was probably disappointed Sunday when Mark Wahlberg wasn't up there waving his arms around in front of the tabernacle choir.
A ton of super good talks. Elder Holland brought tears to my eyes. It made my eyes blurry as I thought of my brother Jesus grabbing my hands and pulling me up.
Elder Anderson's was super funny to me. "I can teach you to dance, but you have to hear the music." It made me think of how us Mormons do some things that some people look at as super weird, like not drinking or smoking or dressing up in white shirts and ties to go to church. To them it's like they pull up to a stoplight and they're watching me dance and sing along to a Shakira song in my car. They can't hear the music. They don't realize what a party is in here!!! And how happy they would be if they joined us and head heard the music!  You all know exactly what I'm talking about.
My favorite line from conference was from the very first talk Saturday morning, Elder Eyring: "When we succor others, Christ feels it like we are succoring him." That sentence hit me hard as a missionary. Because whenever I look into someone's eyes that I'm teaching the gospel to or helping them get through an addiction, stop smoking, or talking to them about a loved one that just died, I see Christ. And it makes me so happy to be able to serve. Even when people aren't being nice to me, which never happens in Iowa.... When we succor them. Christ feels it.
I think keeping that in mind can change the way we think about everything in life and will help us to be able to love everyone as Christ would.
It sounds like you guys had an awesome conference weekend as well! I loved Elder Holland's talk! Always do! I also really loved how much of conference was about families! It definitely is something this world needs, which is why the Lord had like every other talk be about family and marriage. But it made me so grateful for my family and my amazing parents. It also made me a little homesick I'm not gonna lie. This weekend was by far the most homesick I've been my whole mission, but it was in a good way I guess. Because the reason I was homesick was because I missed sitting on the couch with all of you, having German pancake breakfast between Sunday sessions, going to priesthood session with Dad and the boys, John and Jason. But after a moment of homesickness I had a literal wave of happiness come over me as I thought of all of you and what a great and strong family we have in the gospel. And how the gospel brings us together and bonds us together.
I love you all and miss you, but there's no place I'd rather be.
Love Elder Cox.

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