Elder Davis B Cox

Elder Davis B Cox

Monday, April 6, 2015

Monday April 6, 2015 - Q and A's

1. when are you planning on labs again?
1. Good question. I think I have hypoglycemia.
2. Sister Courtney would love the hear back from you about her letters!2. On it
3. What did you do for Easter, eat, where did you watch conference and did you get the package. 3. Yes I got the package thank You I loved it!! Me and my comp probably used the eggs for golf balls in our apartment instead of dying them... but thanks!
We watched a couple sessions at the stake center with some investigators. We watched one session at the Bahams (The young family in our ward from Kaysville that is out here for Medical school) and one session at the McPherson's, a Jamaican family in our ward. Then they fed us Jamaican jerk pork and chicken and rice.  And some little pastry thing called a Festival.
4. Did the shirts work?  More like that or a different kind?
4. Ya they are working awesome so far!
6. Dad printed all the bear hunt photos, figuring that you needed that many!!!5. Thank you very much for the photos. Did you ever find my baseball glove?
7. Are you with elder Lords for the next transfer or change?  When are transfers?  
7. Transfers are this week and we got a call this morning that we are both staying so we're both here for atleast 6 more weeks.

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