Elder Davis B Cox

Elder Davis B Cox

Monday, March 14, 2016

Monday 14, 2016 - Follow the Word of Wisdom

Haha I am terrible at taking pictures I've set so many goals to take more. And I fail every week. Here's a couple I finally did take this last week though. They're pretty random but I jumped on a few opportunities to take some pictures so hopefully I'll start getting better.

Mt. Vernon district meeting.
playing water pong in the house with the other elders on P-day

Remodeling the Mulherin's kitchen.

So I hate to start off on a bad note. But the baptism of Pacifique and his family didn't happen this week :( It was a busy week and we stopped in every day to check in on them and make sure they were doing good and speaking our brutally simple Swahili. Then Friday night came and we went over at 8:45 to make sure they remember to bring towels and clothes the following morning for the baptism. We walked through the front door (African culture = knock and walk in) and found them breaking the word of wisdom :( It crushed our little missionary hearts more than anything on either of our missions so far. But the good news is that they knew that it was bad, they knew they needed to repent and not do it again, so they will be being baptized soon here in the upcoming weeks. 

Other than that family we didn't teach very many lessons, we had a few investigators drop us. All the ones that didn't drop us forgot to change their clocks for daylight savings time so they didn't make it to church. But there's an awesome part member family that just moved into the ward and the wife basically approached us and said she wants to be baptized so that doesn't happen every day! The Lord blesses us with tender mercies even when the world falls apart.

So yesterday Elder Sessions and I were driving down the road by the college and we saw tons of people walking around in green St. Patricks shirts and costumes. The further we drove the crazier the costumes got. Like this thing made the HOWL at Utah State look tame. I asked Elder Sessions what day today was. March 13th. 

So of course we got out and started walking around talking to people trying to figure out what was going on and taking advantage of the fact that there was dozens of people out walking around that we could invite to hear the gospel! Well. We soon found out that it was "St. Patricks Day Bar & Pub 5k". So people dressed up. Got a map. Followed this "5k" route from bar to bar around Cedar Rapids getting sloshed drunk at each one then stumbling down the street to the next bar. Needless to say not very many people were interested but we got some pretty funny things yelled at us. 
Follow the Word of Wisdom. 

Let your light so shine.
"When a candle lighteth another, it loses no light itself."

Love you all have a great St. Patricks week. 

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