Elder Davis B Cox

Elder Davis B Cox

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

March 28, 2016 - The Lord has blessed me with a small bladder‏

Happy Easter everyone! I hope you all had a great Easter Week and Easter Sunday yesterday remembering our Savior Jesus Christ and all he did for us so that we could have perfect resurrected bodies and return to live with him. I don't know about you but I can't wait to have a perfect body.

This week was great! We got to go on exchanges with the AP's this week in Des Moines. That was super exciting because they are serving in the Easter Lake ward (My first area) and Elder Lords (my trainer) is one of the AP's! So I was able to go back and see a lot of people who we had worked with, that are now baptized! As well as Eunice and her family who were baptized while I was there. 

It was amazing to see how much the gospel influence had changed these people's lives in the last year. In Michelle's apartment where there used to be ashtrays on the table by the couch, there was now a stack of Ensigns. Where there used to be music or T.V. playing in the background, there was Vocal Point singing. It was SO COOL to see how much happier she was. 

So now for the meaning of the subject line. So Saturday morning we had coordination and then we went and stopped by to see a few people. That morning I had POUNDED the water during studies so by the time coordination got over, I had to  pee really bad. So we pulled over at the nearest gas station and walked inside and I hear a Lil Wayne raspy voice say "Wassup Elders!" It was or boy Trae! We had lost contact with him because he moved out of his girlfriends house but he was super solid. Then we just randomly walk in, meet up with him, get his new phone number, set up a lesson. The Lord definitely directed our path. And that's like the 3rd time that's happened because I've had to pee so I now consider it a blessing.

So I just have one last experience I'd like to share from Easter yesterday. We had fast and testimony meeting and about halfway through a 6 year old boy gets up and stands on the step stool and says "I want to bear my testimony.. that fasting on Easter is hard... Really hard.. But don't give up (then he got a serious look on his face) Don't ever get up!" Then he sat down.

Everyone in the congregation chuckled a bit, and I did too, but I thought what an amazing lesson we just learned from a 6 year old. He was giving up Easter candy (probably a high priority for 6 year olds) to fast and remember the Savior on this special day. His parents had instilled in him that worshipping the Savior is a higher priority than worldly things, chocolate, jelly beans or
whatever it might be. For us older people: friends, sports, TV, whatever it might be. The Savior and the Gospel and our families should be our #1 priority. 

Love you all,
Elder Cox

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