Elder Davis B Cox

Elder Davis B Cox

Monday, July 11, 2016

June 19, 2016 - Like a broken record

                 The Nauvoo Zone :)

This is the view from our window where we stayed in Nauvoo. Beautiful.

Update on Hannah: She passed her baptismal interview and is being baptized this Saturday the 25th! She's amazing and definitely one of the most ready people I've ever seen prepare for baptism! Today in Gospel Principles class she was the only non-member there but she commented more than anyone and bore testimony of everything that was taught. We were all loving it!

This week we also met this great guy named Sam Aduto. He is the brother a former we were trying by. The former, Rose, had moved but Sam was still living there. Elder Lords said he had been invited several times in the past to be taught and participate in the lessons but had never been interested, but we invited him anyway and ended up having one of the best 1st lessons I've ever had! It was a testimony to me that we should always invite because people are always being prepared!

Whoa what a week. I basically got to go on a road trip of the mission this week! It was fun and great to meet a lot of the missionaries, but man it was tiring. So we had MLC in Iowa City Tuesday then Zone Training Meetings everyday for the rest of the week in Cedar Falls, Iowa City, and Nauvoo. And we gave the same training 4 times so that's why I feel like a broken record :)

 Then we finally got back late Friday night to have one day of the week back in our area before we go and do the same thing for zone conferences next week. But the Lord blessed us so much in that one day to be able to find people to teach and help Hannah prepare for her baptism! 

God is great!
Love Elder Cox

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