Elder Davis B Cox

Elder Davis B Cox

Sunday, January 29, 2017

January 29, 2017 - #Blessed

That about says it all we have been so blessed by the Lord this week and have met so many awesome people again! 
We went on exchanges twice this week again so I got to go with Elder Davis (people were calling us Davis & Cox all day and I didn't even recognize my first name). We met a super awesome man named Joseph who is from Legen. Wait for it.... LIBERIA! The happiest place on Earth. We met him on Tuesday, taught him again on Thursday, and he came to church today and met the Stake President because we had ward conference and Loved church! He's super solid he could probably be baptized before I leave honestly. His date right now is March 18th but it'll definitely get pushed up :)

We also taught this sweet family the Judge's who know Elder Davis' uncle from California so we made arrangements for Elder Davis to come on exchanges from Muscatine (3 hours away) because they requested him to be the ones to teach them. They fed us dinner and we had a lesson in their massive house. Probably biggest house I've taught a lesson in my entire mission. They were so impressed with the missionary program, seminary program, and other parts of the church that they knew about from members they knew. They are going to be baptized one day and be amazing members!

We also got back in contact with our sweet little 88 year old investigator Wilma who lives in an outlying town in our area. She as well is moving forward in her progression and is going to be baptized one day and wants her 19 year old grandson to be baptized with her so that he can hopefully be a missionary one day.

It humbled me several times this week as we were complimented many times about how amazing the missionary program of the church is. The Judge's and Wilma and Coreana, Jen, and Kay all said something about it this week. And I was able to bear my testimony that it's not us. It's not because we're super humans or angels by any means. It's because of the amazing Spirit that comes into our lives when we serve others. When we give our hearts up to Him he can mold us to be something that nobody in this world expects a 19 or 20 or 21 year old to be: A dedicated follower of Jesus Christ. 

I couldn't type enough words in this email to explain how this mission has blessed and changed me and can't wait to have some of my biggest changes happen these next few weeks.

Have a great week everybody.
Love Elder Cox

Unfortunately one thing that hasn't changed about me these past few years is that I still forget my camera almost every email session, so you'll get some good pictures next week!

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