Elder Davis B Cox

Elder Davis B Cox

Monday, January 16, 2017

Wes was baptized! - December 18, 2016

Wes was baptized yesterday! He's such a stud he is our 18 year old best friend who found the church through army buddies at Basic Training. Today he helped us shovel and salt the walkways around the church and in Priesthood opening exercises he volunteered to come and help clean the church this week. What a stud! 

This week we also had our Christmas Zone conferences which were super fun we had half of the day normal meetings then for the other half we did funny BoM skits, watched the new baptism dvd, and sang Christmas songs together in our ugly sweaters. 
 And Sister Badger is amazing and made a hand-made stained-glass star ornament for everybody in the mission. And she also hand knitted the red sweater that I'm wearing in the pictures for President Badger 45 years ago when he was on his mission. She's the best.

Short lesson learned of the week: We were walking through Costco the other day and I kept catching bits and pieces of conversations around us. It seemed like every single person in the store was complaining or angry about something, a baby crying, the Costco people for moving where they put the milk, how busy the store was, their sample wasn't hot enough, their sample was too hot, it was cold outside (which is understandable, the windchill this morning was -31). 

But it got me thinking about how boring and lame and drudgy that makes every day. Then I walked past a little kid who was just pumped out of her mind at how big this 50" tall teddy bear was and I was like "that is how I want to live my life!" There is always something to be excited and grateful about. I tried to apply that this morning as we were out scraping the car, I thought to myself "atleast we're not up in the Northern part of our mission where it's -45.) 

Bad example but there is good in everything if we look for it! And if we look for it life is so much better!

Love you all here's some pics!

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