Elder Davis B Cox

Elder Davis B Cox

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

March 16, 2015 - Awkward Missionary Life

This is what I was talking about the hills here. This is the constant view you can never see more than a couple hundred yards in any direction.

My camera didn't get it very good but this was probably the coolest colored sunset I've ever seen. It's just missing some mountains.


And this is how you know you are in Thugville
downtown Des Moines.

Something happened this week that shattered my entire universe.
I discovered that I have become an awkward missionary.
So, we were driving back from New Trainer meeting in Iowa City. Elder Lords was driving one of the mission mini vans (this story is so much better because we were in a mini van), I was sitting shotgun and there were 4 other missionaries in the backseat. So 6 Elders just crusin I-80 in the middle of nowhere cornfields, talkin bout good churchy stuff, when a car full of college age looking girls pulls up along side us. All the school's spring break had just started that day so I'm pretty sure they were driving to spring break cuz they had their car all packed up.
I waved at them at first because I thought it was the sister missionaries, the girl driving looked just like Sister Tambasco. So they drove along side us and were like waving and trying to give us their numbers and stuff, and I didn't know what to do and I was the only one they could really see cuz the back windows were tinted. So I panicked and was like "Elder! girls! Help what do I do?" ( Kind of jokingly but really kind of not) and we just decided to kind of ignore them and look forward after we waved and said hi to be nice. After a while we all decided to hold a book of Mormon up to the window. They ended up following us and bobbing and weaving cars to try to stay next to us... all the way from Iowa City to Des Moines, which is a 2 hour drive. They even got off the same exit as us. But we lost them at a stop light because Elder Lords put that minivan peddle to the ground.

We met with Jackie a couple times this week and committed her to living the word of wisdom! Which is huge because she has smoked for like 40 years. But she is really excited and says she will do anything to be able to get baptized. It is so cool to see how strong her desire is to change and do what is right. She has shown me what missionaries mean when they come home and say they love the people. I have grown to love her so much and care so much about her life in the short 2 weeks I've known here it is amazing how the spirit brings people closer together as we try to come closer to God.

A couple nights ago  we were looking through our area book and found a former investigator record of a lady named Darlene and went to contact her. The paper said she believed in aliens and a ton of weird superstitious stuff, and that Joseph Smith saw aliens. But we decided to try by and she let us in as soon as we knocked on the door and we got to talk to her. She was one of the most normal people I have met here. She lived in a house, so it was the first time I had met with someone in a house, most people here live in small apartments or trailer parks there aren't many houses. I'll keep you updated on her she was a super nice lady. And she has a house in Athens, Greece she asked us if we wanted to buy so I'll see if I can save up enough MSF.

Love you all so much.
Elder Cox

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