Elder Davis B Cox

Elder Davis B Cox

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

March 23 2015 - Hola!

Me and Elder Peterson

Highlight of this week was I got to go on exchanges with Elder Peterson, one of our zone leaders, and he is also Spanish speaking. So I got to be in a Spanish area for a day and go to Spanish lessons and sit there and smile and nod my head and pretend like I knew what was going on, then shake their hand at the end and say gracias in my best Spanish accent but I butchered it every time. I did get some good authentic Mexican food tho. I can't remember what they were called but it was like this homemade tortilla thing with beans and cheese and a ton of Mexican spices and stuff on it. Then we had this drink I think it was called an orchata? It was like rice milk with cinnamon and stuff in it and that was super good.

As we were planning for the next day Elder Peterson told me that there were 3 different people named Juan that we were going to go see the next day. After doing language study in the morning and learning how to say Somos misionaros de la Iglesia de Jesu Cristo de los Santos de  los ultimos dias. And I had like a 30 second conversation with one guy in Spanish with the tiny bit of Spanish I know  until he said a word I didn't know. I know Courtney is going to be so proud even though I just totally butchered all of that spelling as well. Then we went to talk to the Juan's. We knocked on all 3 doors, but no Juan answered.

Hahaha man I'm so funny. That was a true story tho. We did a lot of finding and knocking this week to try and find some new people to teach and came across Ryan and Chastity. They are a super cool 20 year old couple who aren't married yet (So we have to teach Chastity the law of chastity) and have a 10 month old daughter. They almost didn't let us in and the door was about 2 inches from closing when Chastity asked us what we believed about the second coming. So we talked for a minute and they ended up letting us in and being the most spiritually prepared people I have ever met to receive the gospel. They are only 20 and live in a tiny little apartment but the  first thing I saw hanging on their wall was a Faith, Family, Home sign. They're awesome, and Ryan is a music producer and makes some of the beats for Rick Ross so if any of you want a mix tape I'll have him hook you up.

I found this way cool video this week on lds.org called Heavenly Father, Earthly Father. Probably my favorite short church video that I have ever seen so if you haven't seen it then you should go watch it! So cool!

Also another cool thing that is happening later this week is the #BecauseHeLives Easter video is coming out on March 28! It's kind of like the He Is The Gift video that they put out for Christmas and we got to see it this week as missionaries and it is so good! So watch that one for family home evening or something.

Love you all
Elder Cox

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