Elder Davis B Cox

Elder Davis B Cox

Monday, June 22, 2015

Monday June 22, 2015 - Missionary Friendzone

So when I came on my mission I thought I was going be taking a 2 year break from being friendzoned. Found out this week that that assumption was false. Missionaries get friendzoned too.
We were teaching a Liberian man named Melvin and he told us that he loved having us come over and talk about the gospel, but that he didn't believe the Book of Mormon and wouldn't be baptized. He told us "We will still be best of friends. You still come over and we talk about Bible. This not end us being friends." Boom. Friendzoned as a missionary. And I'll tell you what it's a lot worse and a lot sadder being gospel friendzoned by a 40 year old man than by any girl.
But there were some awesome miracles that happened this week! 2 of them were blessings that we gave and it was super cool to see the blessings be fulfilled. We gave a blessing to Brian because he was thinking about having an eye operation. He told us that later that day, several doctors called him with the news that he could have the operation done and that it was an answer to his prayers! So Cool!
Then we also gave Michelle a blessing of healing because she was having a lot of bad things happen with her health and her depression and stuff. The next day she went into the doctor, they did some tests and were able to take her off 4 of the prescriptions that she had been having to take for years that were causing her all of those side effects and she said she felt it was a direct result of us giving her a blessing and is now super excited to be baptized!
Miracles are real. God's power is on this earth today and his hand is being outstretched by the priesthood to all that will receive it. A great and a marvelous work is happening right now!
Love you all!
Love Elder Cox

The photos of the wedding are awesome they made me so happy! The backyard looks awesome and Emmi looks like she's 2 years older than when I left! I loved the boys socks and I did spy myself in the background so that made my day as well. 

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