Elder Davis B Cox

Elder Davis B Cox

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

June 29, 2015 - Eunice's Baptism!

This week has definitely been one of the busiest craziest weirdest happiest weeks of my mission.
I'll start with the best news: Eunice was baptized on Saturday! It was a super happy day for her and so cool to be able to be a part of it. It was kind of bittersweet though because her kids were not able to be baptized with her. We found out the day of their interviews that their father had called that morning from Africa and told the kids that they can't get baptized. It was one of the saddest parts of my mission so far to have little 8 year old Nancy come and tell me that she can't be baptized. But we are still working with them and hopefully will be able to talk to their father and I know that one day his heart will be softened enough for them to be baptized.
Another part that added to the craziness this week was the Tornado/Thunderstorm that we had on Wednesday evening. I was on exchanges with Elder Akaka (Spanish speaking so I just sat there and nodded the whole lesson again) and we came out of a dinner appointment to a green sky with some crazy thunder. We looked at our phone and had a message from President Jensen saying there was Tornados touching down in our zone and to have all the missionaries get home and get to cover. So while we raced home in the hardest rain I've ever seen we were calling and texting everyone in our zone.
We ended up getting over 8 inches of rain overnight, which I'm pretty sure is like more that Utah has gotten in the last couple years combined. And it flooded everything. There was roads underwater and parking lots where all you could see was the roofs of cars. I'll try to attach a video I took of Fleur Drive, which is now Fleur River. And there's not supposed to be a river anywhere close to there.
And then lastly of all I got some bad news this morning. I'm being transferred this week :( It's a weird feeling I feel like I'm leaving home again. But just like when I left home I know that the Lord needs me somewhere else but it's been heartbreaking already to say goodbye to the people here. Don't know where I'm going yet but I'll let y'all know next week.
Love you all
Love Elder Cox
It wouldn't let me attach the video but here's a picture of the now like 400 foot wide river going across Fleur and the park.

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