Elder Davis B Cox

Elder Davis B Cox

Monday, August 31, 2015

Monday August 31, 2015 - Mark Twain Town

My Trainer Elder Lords, me, and my boy Elder Baxter.

The food pantry ladies gave us a case of like 100 bags of my favorite dorritos, so I had to have Elder Baxter dump them on top of me and do snow angels in them

Hola, So this week has been awesome because we have  had so many cool little tender mercies right at the time that Heavenly Father knew we needed them.
Usually after the we help at the food pantry on Tuesdays, we have dinner at the Voelkels (the coolest family every) but their dad wasn't home so we decided to just do some tracting while we were out in Palmyra. Just as it was getting dark and we are headed back to the car we saw 2 ladies (Blanca and Marta) carrying little kids so we walked across the street and started talking to them. They wanted to hear a lesson right there right then so we taught them the Restoration on the sidewalk. Marta, the older one, didn't speak English only Spanish so we had to take breaks every couple minutes for her daughter, Blanca, to translate. 
They were so excited to hear about it and excited to work towards baptism it was awesome!
By the time we finished it was really dark but we told them before they left we were going to run back to the car right around the corner and get a Spanish Restoration pamphlet. Turns out the car was around the corner, down the street, and around another corner so me and Elder Baxter sprinted in our suits to the car and felt like we were FBI chasing after someone, dodging dogs and jumping potholes as we ran through the trailer park.
Thursday we went on exchanges up in Quincy. It was super cool we did a lot of proselyting on or around the Quincy University campus so I got to talk to people my own age and got to go into the massive QU cathedral chapel. There is a lot of history there especially all the history that Quincy has with the underground railroad.
Last little tender mercy that happened just an hour ago: So we went and did laundry and everything this morning and came back to the apartment and realized we forgot the keys inside the apartment. But no worries we keep an extra key! Checked there and it wasn't there. We looked all over. Nothing. So after a few minutes of trying to get the screens off our windows and break in our own apartment I just said a tiny little prayer. Open my eyes, look down, lift up my foot. The key is stuck to the bottom of my shoe. Man we hit our knees and said a prayer of gratitude as quick as we could for that one because that was so cool!
I love how even the smallest blessings that the Lord gives us are miracles. 
Love you all,
Elder Cox 

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