Elder Davis B Cox

Elder Davis B Cox

Monday, August 3, 2015

Monday August 3, 2015 - Pictures and Miracles!

Pictures are worth a thousand words right so I figure if I send a few picture this week that'll count as my email :)

On the stage of the Nauvoo Pageant at midnight closing night because we got to clean everything up. The lit up temple was watching over us the whole night.
Preaching to the corn cuz no one else would listen that day

 Signature Pose!

Here is a beautiful sunset over the beautiful town of Hannibal

and the Mississippi River

Actually I do have a SUPER sweet miracle that happened this week with the Nauvoo Pageant. So on Tuesday was our last day working up at the pageant. We walked around and proselyted from 7-8:30, then watched the pageant that started at 8:30. But at about 8:27 just as we were getting ready to go, 3 girls and a guy walked through the front gate and I knew we had to talk to them. So we waited on the path because we were like 100 yards from the gate, and started talking to other people and they somehow got away from us. But the pageant worker that had welcomed them at the gate came up to us and said "Hey did you see those 4 people that just walked in a few minutes ago, they're from Belgium and they're just over here on a roadtrip. They said they just stopped here in Nauvoo and they don't know why" 
Well obviously they were led here by the spirit but they just didn't know that yet. So we took off jogging to try to find them as everyone was sitting down, but couldn't find them. Tried looking for them for like a half hour after the pageant, couldn't find them. So I was pretty bummed.
Next day: Me and Elder Baetz decide to go street contacting in downtown Hannibal, which we never do because downtown Hannibal is only like 2 blocks and the only thing there is a few tourist Mark Twain stuff and a ton of bars. So it's usually super ineffective. But today for some reason we decided to do it. 
Lo and behold as we're walking down the street, I look across the street and there's these 4 Belgians! Walking in downtown Hannibal! Who does that! No one does that! So we sped walked/jogged down the street, crossed the street, almost got hit by a car and cut them off so we could talk to them. Because we weren't going to let them get away this time and we're missionaries so we do weird stuff like that. 
Long story short, they loved the pageant and the feelings they felt there, and we basically got them to bear their testimonies about it to us (But they didn't know they were doing that either cuz we're sneaky missionaries like that). But then we told them they were. They have the contact information for the missionaries back in Belgium and Morrell(A good friend on a mission there) is totally going to baptize them. 

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