Elder Davis B Cox

Elder Davis B Cox

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

November 9, 2015 - Cedar Rapids IOWA

So I thought I was going to have a long time to write an awesome long letter about how amazing Cedar Rapids is but it's going to be a short quick one.
-So I'm in Cedar Rapids 2nd ward.
-My New companion is Elder Ellis He's awesome. He's from Sandy, been out 16 months and he's a stud!
-Cedar Rapids is awesome! We have a ton of African investigators! And I've already eaten Fufu and casava here so I am loving life so much!
- We are teaching the Manirakiza family and they are super fun and super happy all the time.
- We are also teaching a few families from Nepal, The Kahrka's and also the Khardka's. We are watching Meet the Mormons with all of them so that they can see Bishnu and know that they don't have to change their culture to know the truth. That's an inspired movie.
- We live in the only house in the whole mission where 4 Elders live together and it is the bomb! Me, Elder Ellis, Elder Otteson, and Elder Swainston are the funniest quadpanionship that there has ever been. I've cried laughing like 8 times since I've been here.
- I love missionary work. I love the Book of Mormon and the opportunity I have to bear testimony of it every single day and help people come closer to Jesus Christ. And I love the spirit because without it I would have no idea what I am doing, but with it I seem to have somewhat of an idea.

Hakuna Matata
Elder Cox

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