Elder Davis B Cox

Elder Davis B Cox

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

April 2016 Conference Weekend

Zone Conf

The Pitchforth's and the Hecht's. 2 of the families we watched conference with.

Wow this week has been so packed full of so many things I've learned. We had Zone conference on Thursday the General conference. I love learning the gospel just as much as I love teaching it!

I'll start off with an update about our investigators then move on to things I learned with the time I have left. 

Sam Cole is doing amazing. He came and played basketball with us last P-day and he's a beast. He's like 6'4 and used to be able to dunk it he says. He met with Bishop Kilgore this last week and they talked about how after he's baptized he can start working toward the temple to be sealed to his family a year after he's baptized. So he's super pumped to be baptized April 16th so he can start the countdown of when they can be sealed together!!

We also started teaching Chris Brown this week. Taught him Saturday morning here at the library and then he came to conference yesterday. He was real excited about the idea of having a prophet here on Earth and then when we told him he could come watch him the next day he said it was a dream come true. He's gonna follow the prophet foreva-eva-eva and eva-eva-eva and eva-eva-eva! (Sorry bad Chris Brown joke, we've been making them all week.)

Elder Sessions and I gave a training at Zone Conference about commitments, We titled it "Commitment keeping investigators BECOME covenant keeping members". As always we learned more studying and preparing for it than I'm sure anyone else got out of it, but the idea was reinforced by many talks in conference that the reason and purpose for the things we do in the gospel is to help us BECOME what Heavenly Father wants us to become. More Christlike. 

Then General Conference. Man. I should just photocopy my notes and send them home there was so much I learned. But I'll leave the Ensign for that. Some of my favorite's were Elder Hallstrom's about our identity as a Child of God, Elder Bednar's about always retaining a remission of our sins through understanding the relationship between Baptism, the Holy Ghost, and Sacrament.

And my personal favorite for this session was President Monson's 2 brief but POWERFUL testimonies. Sunday morning we had a prophet of God expound to us the purpose of life in about 5 minutes, bear his firm, confident, unwavering testimony of the truthfulness of it, and sit down. Such a powerful lesson about the simple truths of the gospel and the power of testimony. 

I know that he is a prophet. I felt the spirit bear testimony of it to me as sure as I'm typing these words. Follow the prophet.

Love you all 
Love Elder Cox

"You can have what you want, or you can have something better."

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