Elder Davis B Cox

Elder Davis B Cox

Monday, May 4, 2015

May 4, 2015 - Crazy, enjoyable, fulfilling week

 This week has been crazy but it has been probably the most enjoyable and fulfilling week of my mission!
Yesterday was super stressful getting to church because we had a lot of people we were trying to coordinate. 2 of our Liberian families came to church. Eunice and her 4 kids. And Marshawl, Mable, Precious, and Mercy. They couldn't find the church so we had to meet them in the Hy-Vee parking lot and they followed us there. We walked in the doors at about 10:59. Then Kory and Kayla walked in so Elder Lords went and sat with them and I sat on the row with everyone else. It was super cool and all the stress payed off!
Last Monday after e-mail we went and played baseball with one of our investigators Kory and had a home-run derby with him and one of his friends he played in high school with and who played for Iowa State. It was super fun and luckily my baseball skills weren't as rusty as I thought. But I've only been out for a couple months so they'll probably continue to degrade.
Love you all, 

Sorry it's short this week, and The only picture I took this week was when we went to Zombie Burger again.. But Momma Cox might get mad at me if I showed her how greasy this burger was, so I took a selfie this morning during studies. I've been having to get some other things done on the computer today so email time has been short. I bought a hair cutter today so wish me luck in cutting my own hair hopefully I don't look like a goofball in any more pictures that I will hopefully take. 
Love you Mom see you Sunday!

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