Elder Davis B Cox

Elder Davis B Cox

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Tuesday May 26, 2015 - Answered Prayers

Hey brother,

So the last few weeks it's been a noticeable "crunch time" feeling as McKay and I are now just 3 1/2 weeks away from getting married!! He was up here this weekend for Memorial Day, and then flew home, I'll fly down there Friday to go to California for his cousin's wedding, and then JUNE 1, we'll come back to utah together, and he'll live here until the wedding :) finally!!

In the midst of all the crazy this past week, I realized I was needing a spiritual boost. So I called Emma (my old mission Comp) to go to the temple with me... the whole way there I was thinking a lot about my post-mission life ... I am happier than happy, so extremely busy.... But the one thing that sometimes gets in the way of that is I feel extremely self-absorbed!! It's all about planning MY wedding, parties for ME, gifts for ME, what am I going to do today.... And honestly I got feeling a little blah.

So on my way to the temple I thought back to the mission and how nice it was to "forget yourself and go to work". So I prayed that I would be given a chance to focus on someone other than myself ... Service... Someone in need of a friend... Anything.

When we came out of the temple, I had 4 missed calls from some unknown out-of-state number, and a voicemail.... Things got crazy as I went to lunch with Emma, and then got in my car to meet McKay, who drove here from az. As I was getting close to home, I was thinking about my prayer, and felt like I really needed to listen to that voicemail.
 I push play, and there is this lady from the national bone marrow registry, telling me that I am a potential match for a patient with cancer who needs a transplant!
They were shocked that they had already found a match, since we registered not too long ago.
I can't really explain how I felt. So extremely happy, grateful, and once again overwhelmed at how the Lord has this crazy plan and knows us so well. It's the ultimate answer to their prayers, and mine, and a chance for me to do something to give back.
I got so emotional, I couldn't stop smiling, through my tears, the rest of the way home.
I pulled in and mom and McKay were pulling weeds. I hugged them both and told them the news. Mom got emotional, and we all did a little happy dance in the kitchen.
I spent the next hour and a half on the phone with a Be the Match representative going over an EXTREMELY thorough health exam. I go in on June 2 to do some more extensive blood work, and from there we'll figure out the process of donation.

I felt so blessed and overwhelmed at the thought of how perfectly timed that was and how perfectly our Heavenly Father knows each of us.
Not only was it an answer to my prayer, but I think of the family of that patient (who is a 65 year old man.. Someone's grandpa) and their many trials and prayers...
I love you so much, and I have more faith than ever that the lord is so very aware of you. He has a plan in play and is working with you to help you become what he needs you to be.

There honestly is nothing better than being able to put your own needs, wants, trials, discomforts, whatever it may be... On hold for those 18 months or two years... It puts things into perspective in a way that changes your life. You realize that true happiness comes from having an open heart, open mind, and open eyes to see the needs of other children of our Heavenly Father and then be willing to do whatever is in your power to help them, heal them, and in turn, feel of the incredible love he has for each of us!

Heavy black heart️happy day. You are so loved.
xoxo C

Dear Courtney, 
There you go bringing tears to my eyes again. Really though I'm sitting here in the library trying to hide them from everyone who's already looking at me like I'm from outer space. But that is the coolest story I can't even like explain I'm trying not to do a little happy dance myself. It obviously has a personal meaning to me that you were all willing to register for bone marrow donation and It's so amazing that you are a match for someone and will hopefully be able to provide that hope to him and his family. I've said it before but that is my favorite part about the mission is just being able to consecrate our lives 100% to the Lord and others around us. Obviously we can't do that for our entire lives the way we can on missions but keeping that same spirit of looking for ways to turn outward is something all missionaries I think should go home with and something that you are a great example of.
I love you and keep me updated on how all the testing goes and everything that ends up happening! And good luck with all the wedding plans it was so great to be able to see those pictures of your party it looked super fun! Tell my big brother Hi and have a great week! Love you
Love Elder Cox

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