Elder Davis B Cox

Elder Davis B Cox

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Monday May 18, 2015

Well you told me last week that there wouldn't be a week go by that you wouldn't email me so I'm guessing either your testing me or you guys got busy down in Arizona or something. Or the email didn't send like last time. One of those things.
I just wanted to update you on a couple things:
1. My ankle. It is still a little sore sometimes when I twist on it but it's a lot better. Here's a picture of it a couple days after it happened. bruised up pretty good but it doesn't look like that anymore.
2. My meds. I'm going to try to take labs this week because I only have about 10 days left of 100's so if I'll take labs this week then plan on tapering next week after I hear from you. Let me know if that plan sounds good to you.
3. I've gained 17 pounds! booyah. Elder Lords wanted me to tell you that the average weight gain for this mission is like 50 pounds! not even joking his previous 3 companions have all gained atleast 40 pounds on their missions. Don't worry that's not my plan I think I'm about peaking right now at 190 :)haha haven't been to Zombie burger in a while these missionaries are just wearing off on me with all the mac'n'chees and Totino's Pizza's. I know this is a lame excuse but it's hard to eat healthy on $3 a day haha but I think I'm getting better at it guess we'll see
You'll also be so proud I took a lot of pictures this week! well more than usual for me so I'll send those with my other email. 
Love Elder Cox
The District

Elder Lords and I took a photo shoot with the lawn mower in Brother Webb's backyard. It was literally parting the red sea. The grass was up to my waist in a couple places. That lawn mower is a champ.

In fast and testimony meeting in Arizona there was a lady that talked of a missionary coming home and everyone asking if he had changed on his mission.  I loved the response of "Yes, I did change on my mission, but more importantly I learned How to change!" 
I thought of this a lot and loved that sentiment.  Life is all about knowing when and how to gracefully allow the storms and the joys to change you! Love Mom

This week is transfer week and we found out this morning that I will be staying here but that Elder Lords will be leaving so this will be my last week emailing with him.
Spent most of this week in Africa again. And now not only the culture and people, but the heat and the food! I tried my first African food this week. It was some kind of mystery meat that tasted like nothing I've ever tried before (it was also purple), whole crawfish (shells, claws, legs the whole deal), brine shrimp and chicken I think. Then it was in a spicy sauce made with palm fruit and poured over rice. Elder Lords stomach didn't like it very much.
Eunice and her family are doing awesome and loving everything they learn. Her kids love coming to church and they want to move up their baptism date so we have been meeting with them 3 times a week so we might be able to have a baptism here in the next couple weeks. We had a lesson this week with them and there was Eunice's 6 kids plus 3 other kids she was watching and it was nuts! But we had the whiteboard and taught the Plan of Salvation and it was so amazing to see how much the spirit could be there even with all the craziness. Those kids and Eunice really have been prepared to receive the gospel and are so humble and accepting. I love them and it makes me so happy every time we go over to see them.  
Short one this week but pictures are worth a thousand words and I sent a couple of those so that counts for something. I'll let you know next week about my new companion hopefully have a lot more pictures because we're going to Des Moines this week to take a ton of pictures before Elder Lords leaves.
Love you all,
Love Elder Cox

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